Ingrid Giesinger

Ingrid’s career in public health began as an educator in vulnerable communities in Toronto, Canada and London, England.  There s,he witnessed the same social inequalities that contribute to social gradients in mortality and exist as barriers towards education. Frustrated by a systems that perpetuates classism, limits opportunities for students due to background and contributes to social gradients, Ingrid went on to study Social Epidemiology at University College London.

Inspired by her work as a teacher, Ingrid is particularly interested in life-course epidemiology and the causal chain that links early & adolescent experience with opportunities and ultimately life outcome. Currently working on her dissertation, Ingrid is quantifying the relationship between early life experience and health behaviours which contribute to mortality.  She hopes to continue in this field looking at the impact of educational experience (beyond academic achievement), secondary school completion and subsequent development of health behaviours and non-communicable diseases.

In 2009, Ingrid traveled to Uganda with the Jane Goodall Institute as an environmental educator working with schools in rural communities. The focus of teaching incorporated local knowledge and lost traditional culture to encourage sustainable development and environmental protection.

Ingrid has a Bachelors of Science in Natural Science (with concentrations in biology & chemistry) from the University of Calgary, where she focused on the relationship between science and society. She completed her Bachelors of Education at the University of Toronto exploring equity issues related to inner city education, and is currently completing a Masters in Social Epidemiology (UCL). She is interested in the interconnection between government policy in healthcare, environment, food & nutrition, economics, education, and the judicial system.


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