Charlotte Hunter

Charlotte’s interest  in public health developed throughout her undergraduate degree in Global Health at the University of Toronto.  She gained a deeper understanding of the health impacts of marginalization and stigmatization through her volunteer work at Casey House, a Toronto HIV/AIDS hospice serving a predominantly inner city population.  She then learned about access to health care in a global setting during a joint University of Toronto-University of Namibia internship at an internship at an HIV/AIDS clinic in Oshakati, Namibia.

During her final year at U of T, Charlotte delved into the world of research with a Toronto Public Health-funded project that investigated the harm reduction needs of people who smoke crystal methamphetamine.  She is currently researching the health impacts of homelessness at the Centre for Research on Inner City Health at St. Michael’s Hospital as part of the Keenan Research Summer Student Program.  At present, Charlotte is a second-year medical student at Western University, where she is part of a ragtag group of students attempting to promote awareness of social justice issues among their classmates.  She is deeply committed to improving access to health care for the most marginalized groups in society and believes in shifting the focus of medical care towards prevention and health promotion.

What are your thoughts?

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