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“We’ve told three lies”: When our visionaries take one step back in order to leap forward.

By Ashley White

When one has hit upon – or stumbled, whatever – their own version of meaningful, substantive work, one also usually finds for themselves visionaries in the field to look to as mentors.  Because we know thatattachment to the labour force is a social determinant of health, meaningful attachment, then, requires things like: leaders, opportunities for innovation and positive deviance, and trails half-blazed (pardon the pun).

For me, Mark Haden has been one of these visionaries since I first met him in 2008.  He’s a Vancouver drug educator, among many other things, who has changed his mind – and his presentations – on how to do drug education to adults and youth over the past 25 years.  In the video below, in an interview filmed and produced by the  Canadian Drug Policy Coalition’s Heiko Decosas for the CDPC’s Blog, Mark outlines three lies that have typically prevented the general public from engaging in meaningful discourse on drug use.  Without good information, we can’t have good dialogue and we can’t build smart policy.  The lies? Misconstruing the harms of drugs, not explaining the harms of prohibition, and not explaining the potential benefits of drugs.

Mark is making a real difference.

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