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Plans to Close Thistletown

By: Ingrid Giesinger

Somehow it seems fitting that my first post to Radical Public Health is about one of my first teaching experiences.

Thistletown Regional Centre, located near the Kipling and Finch intersection in the NW of Toronto, serves children, adolescents (and their families) who are dealing with complex mental health, behavioral and developmental challenges.[1]

In 1995, plans to close the centre, initiated under the Rae government, were thwarted by parental pressure. These plans are back on the agenda, under the McGuinty government[2].

The current plan to close Thistletown follows a very similar plan to that proposed under the Rae government, transferring the responsibility to community programs. Many children end up at Thistletown, because the community agencies were not able to serve them in the first place.

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